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Marianne Feb 29, 2004 06:13 PM
Warning: Need Unicode Converter
Yesterday I installed Greeting Card Factory (Mac OSX10.1 or later or Classic OS 9.0 or later) and also a game program on my Power Mac 6500 running 9.1. Both were working fine when I shut down. Today when booting up I get a warning box "The Finder could not start up because the following library could not be found:

Unicode Converter.

To start up, use the CD or floppy disk and came with your computer."
Restart was then only option.

Also the yellow Norton warning box came up right below the warning box stating:
"Norton antivirus Auto Protect did not start up because the Norton Antivirus library file is damaged or missing from the Norton Antivirus additions file."

I am not sure if these two warnings are related or not. I deleted both - the card and the game program and all related files in help and preferences and still get the 'Unicode Converter' message after booting up. In checking the net I found a freeware program called Unicode Converter. However it is for OS 10 only.

One of the two newly installed programs is probably the cause of this problem. Can anyone shed any light on how to fix this?
shunt Mar 2, 2004 12:48 AM
Sometimes applications will move things around. I've actually had a somethng similar happen, but I can't remember how I fixed it exactly. Here's a stab in the dark.....(recess of my memory)

Open your system folder, and look inside all the folders that are labled "something(disabled)".....

I think I found that unicode file had been disabled by a program, don't know why....I just dragged it back to the active problem.....

If that fails, maybe a clean install will fix'er up....good luck
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