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laseca Mar 6, 2004 02:11 AM
Long file sharting start up times (OS 9)
My friend has three iMacs that he got for his office (400Mhz Blueberry, DV and Tangerine). He's trying to network all three together. The Tangerine iMac activates file sharing withing five seconds once you "Start" File Sharing. The other two seem to be crunching away and won't become active until about 10 minutes. We went through all the settings and can't find anything. On the DV iMac, I did a clean install from scratch, updated it to 9.2.2 and still the same thing. Checking all the networking extensions, I find that Open Transport is version 7.9.2 while the Tangerine is 8.2.8. Having updated the DV and Blueberry iMacs to 9.2.2, they both still have 7.9.2 of Open Transport. Why the updater won't update them I don't know. I'll probably copy the newer Open Transport extensions to the other two iMacs and try again. Spend the latter part of the day trying to to start file sharing quickly to no avail. Why it wouldn't start up quickly on a clean install is the big question.

OS X is installed on all three machines on the same drive. My friend will migrate to OS X soon but at this time wants to be on 9.

If anyone has any suggestions, they're much appreciated.

bradoesch Mar 6, 2004 02:16 PM
I've found that keeping file sharing activated (and having it come on automatically at startup) is faster than starting it manually.
I'm not sure if this matters, but if you have many shares it may take longer to startup. It's been a while since OS 9 land for me. ;)
laseca Mar 8, 2004 04:47 PM
My initial solution was not entirely correct and I'm updating the solution to the problem. Before you can set the Sharing options in the Get Info box to share the hard drive, File Sharing must be turned on. That's where the long delay occurs. Turns out that you MUST let it go its course and wait until it has turned on (can take about 5-10 minutes). Then I was able to do a Get Info on the hard drive and set the hard drive to be shared AND adding a user (will register ast "network user"). I turned File Sharing off and then back on. It started up in a matter of seconds. To verify, I turning it off and on several times and it only took seconds. Hope this helps out to others who may experience this problem.
bradoesch Mar 9, 2004 03:21 PM
Glad to hear you've got this resolved. It's nice that you posted the solution as well. I'm sure somebody searching for this problem will want to thank you for this down the road.
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