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sweetguitargirl Jul 21, 2004 11:24 AM
newbit with a IIci
Hi, I picked up a complete IIci for ten dollars, and hoped I might find out a few things about it that seem kind of different.

It has Microsoft Word on it, and when I speed type on it, sometimes it doesn't give what I type. Like, if I type 'has', too fast, it comes out 'h7'. There are several of these little unintended bloopers. Any idea why it would do that?

It only has an 80 meg HD, and I have another Mac that doesn't work with the screen built-in to the whole case, that I was hoping to get the HD out of and put into the IIci. Do you think it will fit, and how would you cable or configure it?

Or instead, what's a good HD to get for it, and again, since I want to save the programs it came with, how could I use the larger HD as a Slave?

It had ram doubler, and I merely clicked on it, and it uninstalled it. Drove me nuts. Now it wants the 'ram doubler master disk'. Where can I download that onto a floppy?

Every time I click on anything that needs opening, it starts to open Adobe, then it says 'that's not an Adobe file', and quits trying to do anything with it.

Great computer. Real adorable. Seems to work okay mostly, but I'm on a steep learning curve.
Aranamac Jul 21, 2004 01:12 PM
Try That's a great place to start for info on your particular model. I recently bought a PowerBook 540c at a thrift shop, and Low End Mac has been very helpful.

As for using another HD... you should just be able to have an external drive in a SCSI enclosure, connect the cables, and be on your merry way. I have an old 80 mb external SCSI drive that I've used with both an SE/30, the PowerBook, and even my G4! (I've got a scsi card in it). The drive should automatically mount at start-up. You could even use that new drive as your boot up drive.

If you're trying to use it while the drive is still in another computer... I dunno. :hmm:

The nice thing about playing with an old Mac is that -- usually -- old software, ram, periperals, etc. are dirt cheap (though sometimes hard to find... I'm still searching in vain for WriteNow 4.0).

Two other great websites for older software are:

And for hardware purchases:
Kami Jul 21, 2004 11:48 PM
Does the typing errors show up randomly or with the same keys? Check in control panels for Keyboard and check the settings there for repeat rate, etc. Have you given the inside of the keyboard a good cleaning with canned air? You may finally need to consider the possibility that the keyboard is damaged and get a replacement

What model is your other Mac -> most of the older all in ones (but not all) used a SCSI drive like your IIci so you should be able to transplant. If it is an Apple branded hard drive it should work but you may need to be re-install the operating system (several versions are available free from Apple)
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