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allensis Aug 3, 2004 11:01 AM
Beige G3 via ethernet to Airport Basestation
I am using my Airport Basestation (BS) via ethernet to allow my PowerMac Beige G3/Mac OS 9 to connect via TCP/IP for the internet and email, as well as for AppleTalk access to the drives via sharing.

It works well connecting, whenever a browser is opened or the email trys to send/receive the G3 tells the BS to connect and it does.

However, I have not found a method to tell the BS to disconnect, other than a 5 minute idle setting in the BS setup software.

Is there a control panel or some other way to manually tell the BS to disconnect?

The BS admin software is run by my powerbook (OSX) and it is not always there to disconnect via the PB settings. Also, unplugging the phone cable does not seem very elegant.


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