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nJm Sep 3, 2004 10:18 PM
Slow internet in 9?
I recently dug my old PowerMac 7200 out and connected it up to my home network, which is a 100 mbps LAN running off a cable modem. I wanted to download some updates for it, including the 9.1 update from Apple. On my 7200 it was only downloading at 6kb/sec. I downloaded the same file on my ibook G4 and it downloaded the whole 72mb file in about 1 minute (I had cancelled the PM's download so it wasn't in cache).

I find in general internet is REALLY slow on this PowerMac. I know it is an old computer, but I wouldn't have thought it would be that bad.

It is a 7200/120, 1.2gb SCSI HD, 32 mb RAM, and I'm using an SMC 10/100 PCI ethernet card (as onboard ethernet is only 10mpbs).
Dex13 Sep 4, 2004 02:33 PM
what internet browser are you using?
nJm Sep 5, 2004 05:49 AM
It has IE 5 and some form Netscape Communicator.

Although I have a new problem. Since upgrading it to OS 9.1 it won't boot unless I boot without extensions. I'll have to go through and work out which one it is I guess.
Dex13 Sep 5, 2004 01:35 PM
IE 5 on broadband w/ my 6500 yields dial up speeds,but if I use Netscape 4.x.x I get normal broadband speeds ...
nJm Sep 6, 2004 05:30 AM
I got 9.1 working ok, I think it was all the ATI extensions (which naturally my 7200 didn't need).

IE 5 is SLOW. Netscape 4.6 is sluggish and IE 4.5 is about the same. I've noticed file transfers over my 10/100 SMC ethernet card is really slow too (other computer was an iBook G4 using Airport Extreme).

Is it this old hardware with such limitations, or is it a software setting I can change?
angelmb Sep 6, 2004 06:09 AM
try the iCab browser,
JMHammer Sep 9, 2004 02:40 PM
Re: Slow internet in 9?
Mac OS 9 on a 120mhz PPC601 processor with 32mb of RAM is going to be slow. Weird as it sounds, you'd be better off with Mac OS 8.6 and, if you can live without some of the 8.6 functions, it will run really well in 8.1. When I set up old machines of this ilk, I install 8.1 on them. 32mb of memory is just enough to run Mac OS 9, so you're going to be making a lot of use of virtual memory which is part of the slowdown. (The other part is that Mac OS 9 just requires more processor cycles to get things done.)

If you want to run Mac OS 9 on your 7200, you should upgrade the RAM. It can hold up to 512mb of RAM and 70ns 168-pin FPM DIMMs are practically being given away. Get at least 96mb of RAM total and turn off virtual memory and you'll see a nice improvement since mem caching to that hard drive will slow things down a lot.

Here's a link to some good memory:

Even just one stick of that 128mb memory for $20 will take your machine from pokey to fair with the latest version of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. You can download those at:

It goes without saying that using Extensions Manager to "turn off" all the extensions you don't need will probably make things run better.

Best wishes,
John H
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