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macjhlc Dec 8, 2004 05:38 PM
Macintosh LC
Hello everyone, New here.
My name is Josh and Im not new to Macs, but not an expert yet. :)
The day before I went to a thrift shop and picked up a Macintosh LC and a color Mac monitor, both untested. It turned out the monitor was completly fine. The LC however had a dead power supply. (turning it on cause a small fire in the back of the PSU) Luckly the computer itself wasent damaged, (Only the PSU) Being the smart person I am with computers I rigged a AT power supply from an old AT PC case to work with the LC. On the first try the LC powered on a booted to some ancient MacOS 6.x or so. My friend is a Mac fan, and owns a new Powerbook or Ibook. He is pretty sure that Mac OS 7.5.3 can run on the LC. I downloaded the 7.5 Network Access boot disk. and Popped it into the LC, and it booted up. Now - how do I get the MacOS 7.5.3 disk images from Apple's website to the LC. (it has no SCSI port for connecting a SCSI CDROM) and until I get 7.5.3 on the LC Network support will be impossible (the NIC card/modem works only in 7.5 and above) Can I format the HDD and copy the contents of the boot floppy to the HDD? Then copy all the 7.5.3 disk images to floppies?

--Josh :)
Eriamjh Dec 8, 2004 09:16 PM
Can I format the HDD and copy the contents of the boot floppy to the HDD? Then copy all the 7.5.3 disk images to floppies?
I believe you can.
macjhlc Dec 8, 2004 10:27 PM
Do MacOS versions 7.0.1 and earlier have the option to enable color? I know the LC is color, and my monitor is color too, but it's black and white.

-- Josh
Big Mac Dec 9, 2004 01:46 AM
My LC came with 6.0.7 and it was of course driving its Apple 12" color monitor (which is still functional btw). And the LC definitely does have SCSI. But I frankly don't know what you'd want with an LC. Mine served me well, but that was about 14 years ago now. Also, since the LC has a maximum RAM capacity of 10MBs, I don't think it's advisable to run 7.5 on it. 7.1 was the sweet spot.
macjhlc Dec 9, 2004 10:08 AM
I understand what your saying "why would I want an LC?" However I used an Amiga 1000 computer as my main computer from 1991 to about 1998. So I'm used to computers of the same type. I prefere older computers (especially Macs and Amigas) over Micro$uck based PC's of today. When ever I have the chance to pick up an older Mac or Amiga I take that opportunity. Anyways, Thanks for the info. :)

-- Josh
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