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phobos Aug 9, 2000 03:59 PM
Defragmenting the hard disk?
I have an iMac DV with 256MB of RAM and I use a lot Photoshop.This means that I also use a
lot my hard disk.The damn program uses it even if it doesn't need for a scratch disk.The question is that my hard disk could be fragmented.How am I supposed to know it?
Would I have any problems besides speed?
The slowdown on speed is noticable?What program do you recommend for defragmenting the hard disk?Freeware please.Or at least shareware.
wlonh Aug 9, 2000 04:44 PM
yes Photoshoppers and users of digital audio and video (large files) need to defrag their HD's more often than do other users...

alsoft has a freeware that will only show you how fragged your HD(s) are:

they also make PlusOptimizer (not free) for defragging/optimizing HDs

and Norton Speed Disk (not free, a part of Norton Utilities) will optimize/defrag HDs

there are others, i will leave that for for other people to remark upon, but none that are free that i know of
Evangellydonut Aug 9, 2000 04:54 PM
Also keep in mind, that defragmentation on the Mac an only be done to partitions you are not booting from. Thus Norton w/bootable CD is probably the best choice, though not very cheap...Iomega let you make bootable Zip disks with your current OS, and you can put third party software on that if you want. But like Lon said, none are free, nor shareware to my knowledge, so you'll have to shell out US$50-100 for it. As for speed difference, for general usage, unless it's SEVERELY fragmented, it's not that noticeable, but I'm not sure 'bout photoshop.

Personally, I think Apple should ship their computers with Pre-partitioned HDs...'course that'd cause way too much confusion...oh well...The first thing I do when I get a new Mac nowadays is to wipe the drive, partition it, and dual boot...make things MUCH easier.
Gregory Aug 9, 2000 05:11 PM
Partition. Create one for System (keep it first, fastest area of disk and put VM on it if you use it), create a good size one, and a Scratch partition for Photoshop et al that you can erase etc if you want.

run AutoPurge to insure that temporary invisible items folder is emptied - OS 9 "forgets to."

If you have a large enough disk and don't go over 50-60% you don't need to worry on the user area for applications and documents.

The inclusion finally of firewire gives iMacs an option, otherwise you need a G4 with two internal hard drives for backup, scratch, and more. Which is why I think the iMac with only USB and Ethernet was a poor choice for a computer. They were designed for servers and ethernet booting and as "NetPC" or something and yet backing up is primary to any power user.

If it is easy enough, get a large drive and partition and create a backup partition as well, you can use an ".smi" file and mount it when you want to backup, just make it read/write and allow what you might need to allow it to grow. On ATA/66 with IBM 75GXP that should be very fast and help all operations.

Forget about optimize/defrag unless just to fix frag'd files - which won't reclaim free space really, and it can take an hour or more on 6 GB of files.

phobos Aug 10, 2000 06:23 AM
Many thanks guys.
Gregg Aug 11, 2000 08:26 AM
No one mentioned Tech Tool Pro. While not free, it will defragment files and disks. If you have OS 8.x, it will defragment the boot drive. (At least version 2.x, not sure about the recently released 3.0.) I've never seen anything for free that will do this job.
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