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Trygve Aug 15, 2000 03:54 PM
Wacom & Zip Lockup
I am running 8.6 on a B&W G3, I have a Keyspan Twin serial adapter and a Wacom 12x12 pad hooked to it.

I also have an internal Zip.

Whenever I copy from the zip to the HD or vis versa, the Wacom stops responding. The mouse continues to work fine, but on doing a restart, I get a freeze.

Any ideas?
Cipher13 Aug 16, 2000 08:06 AM
At there is mention of problems when other peripheral devices are used in conjunction with a Wacom tablet. Perhaps they are not very compatible with either the OS, or motherboard (?) or something like that...
I'd get into contact with Wacom (or whoever makes Wacom tablets - not sure if its a company or a product) and see about updates or something.
I'd say its to blame.
What are your system stats?


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