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Pringlis Aug 16, 2000 07:48 AM
Making folder invisible again...
When I turned Personal Web Sharing on for the first time recently I was surprised to see it listed a folder called "PNFIconGraphics" in my mp3 folder as this had never existed there before. When i checked in the finder I saw that the folder was now visible in my mp3 folder. I assume that this file was either put there by PersonalWebSharing in which case is it safe to delete it? Otherwise it may alreay have been there and was made visible and so is there a way to return it to the invisible state?

Cipher13 Aug 16, 2000 07:56 AM
Just use ResEdit or any of the usual apps to make it invisible again.
Don't delete it - it will prob be put back anyway. It contains the graphics for personal web sharing - when someone access the site, it has the icons for files and folders, etc, like at ftp sites, get what I mean?
However deleting it shouldn't do any harm.

UPDATE: After considering this further, making it invisible might not be such a good idea either - in the Finder, one cannot access invisible items, or items within an invisible folder, and so on. So maybe it would cause problems. I dragged a folder with invisible items to the Netscape window and was able to access them, so it probably won't cause a problem, but in case it does you know where to start troubleshooting.


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[This message has been edited by Cipher13 (edited 08-16-2000).]
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