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kingturd Aug 26, 2000 12:02 PM
Little OS 9 Problems...
I don't know if people have asked about these before.. but if they have, could you please direct me to the correct thread?

First off, on my old G3 I had a folder that could not be moved or deleted from the desktop. If I repositioned it, it would move back upon restart. There were no system folder properties of this folder, it was merely a folder with programs in it. I copied it to my G4 and the same thing happened (but this time I could delete the folder, and I did after I had what was needed). Any idea why this would happen?

Second, On my G4 with 9.0.4 I am trying to put the Launcher in the startup items so that it comes up automatically when I start up the computer. I put an alias of it in Startup Items and restart. When the system comes back up, the Launcher does not open, and upon opening the Startup Items folder, my alias is gone. How can I make it stay in there??? Any ideas, anyone?

Tintim Aug 26, 2000 08:50 PM
For the first thing, what is the folder are you talking about? What is the name of the folder? The Mac OS 9 does automatically create a folder called "Applications" to hold applications and various other folders for the muti-users facility. If you turn off multi-users and the Mac OS will not bother you with the folders you don't want.

For the second thing, use the General Controls control panel to set Laucher to automatically on or offf at startup rather than putting an alias to it in the startup items folder.
sascha Sep 8, 2000 01:19 PM
Ah, the old "indestructible folder" thing. Try the following:

1. Rebuild your desktop
2. Use "Disk First Aid" or your prefered disk maintenance utility
3. Create a folder with exactly the same name (somewhere else) and then copy or move it to the desktop to replace the rouge one (if it is on another disk than the startup disk, this might be a bit tricky)

One of these should help

bcann Sep 17, 2000 02:01 PM
I am having a similiar problem to the indestructable folder. Except it is a file that I cannot unlock or delete even with option-empty trash. Rebuilding, Norton, Disk First Aid, etc catch nothing. I made a copy of the file and it also has the same characteristics. Any ideas?
wlonh Sep 17, 2000 05:10 PM

this can help too

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reader50 Sep 20, 2000 09:42 PM
bcann, there is another possibility. Use a utility to examine the file and see if it's filetype has been set to "bzy!". Note that the (!) could be any character, the important part is the first 3 characters of the filetype are "bzy".

If a filetype is set this way, the Finder will treat the file as busy. Under OS 9, this just makes the file return to it's original position on the desktop/in a window whenever you reboot. Under earlier versions of the OS, I think it does a lot more: refuse to delete from the trash, jump back to position after a few seconds, or refuse to be moved.

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