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mrchin Sep 8, 2000 12:06 PM
OS 9.1 Beta
Where can we get our hands on a copy of the new BETA of 9.1? or can we?
pcurtner Sep 8, 2000 12:11 PM
Generally, Apple doesn't publicly release betas of their OSes.

OS X, of course, being a completely different story.

My experience with beta releases is that unless you really, really need to bug test your own applications against it, you're simply better off waiting for the final release-- the betas, especially a first beta release, are much slower and buggier than the current version. (Used to work at a software developer shop.)
Evangellydonut Sep 8, 2000 01:17 PM
bad idea to get beta unless you want to re-install the "lattest beta" every other week...I've gone through that and don't feel like doing it again, especially when there may still be serious bugs with the early beta releases...
mac freak Sep 9, 2000 01:29 AM
Speaking of OS 9.1...

Since it is a ".1" rather than a ".5," it should be a free upgrade to those of us using 9.0 and higher, no?
Gregory Sep 9, 2000 02:28 PM
I would recommend by this point $19.95 CD which hoipefully won't be so old by the time it arrives that it is totally obsolete... should include IE 5.5 as well.

I don't like having to custom install from 9.0 CD knowiing so much of it is out of date, have to run IE 5, MRJ 2.2.2 and QT 4.1.2 and other stufff even after running 9.0.4.

As to "if it's .1 it must be free" I think Apple's numbering system... is numbing. System 6 never made it to 6.1. 9.1 was suppose to be Jan 2000 and 9.5 summer 2000. All "free" and available for $20 w/ coupon for updated OS CD.

I'd like to see OS X beta CD come with 9.1 update, AND, 9.1 CDs come with žeta X - maybe extra $5. I don't know but it may be that X needs or runs best with an installed 9.1 to handle Classic box.

Mac OS beta is not like Windows, and it IS still in spite of all the postitive hype surrounding most, very much beta. "Minuet" was nearly GM and went "back to drawing board" it sounds like for some major rewrite tear out some code and redo from ground up to get it right (thanks Apple! I like to see the "if its worth doing, do it right - or not at all).

Gregory Sep 9, 2000 09:35 PM
Don't bother with beta's. They are full of bugs, and by the time you install it, there is a newer one. You should just wait for the official release. Especially if you use your computer for business, and can not afford downtime.

If you are just a MacAddict looking for a good time, then beta's are for you!

PerfectlyNormalBeast Sep 20, 2000 02:15 PM
Does anybody have an ETA on the final 9.1? I sure hope it's soon. Thanks.
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