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kbata Aug 19, 2001 11:24 PM
Desktop Problems OS 9.1
I have been using OS X for a while now and I just tried to go back to 9.1 for VPC and when the system is booting I can't see the happy Mac. The system boots up but I can't see the menu bar or any icons. My mouse can go off the screen on one side and pull back icons. I can select the hidden icons off screen and drag them onto the visible desktop. When I double click a folder it opens off screen and I need to hunt for it. My only way out is to hunt for the startup disk app and switch back to OS X. I tried booting from the OS 9 CD but get the same problem. I've tried other hard drives with systems with no luck. Zapping my PRAM and pulling the battery doesn't help. I have the same problem using my on board video or my Rage Orion. I'm thinking that it might be a corrupt desktop file but I don't know how rebuild it with my system in it's current state. Any ideas?
XLR8 Carrier G4 450 MPE
256 meg Ram
Quantum Atlas III Drive

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<Jacke> Aug 20, 2001 07:48 AM
I don't know the buttons for OS X, but in 9.x the key-combo for desktop rebuilding is Command + Option.
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