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torifile Aug 20, 2001 01:11 AM
Emulating the Mac on a PC
I know that this question has to have been asked before but search does not seem to be working... Anyway, I need to figure out how to emulate a Mac on a PC. A colleague of mine needs to run a pretty old mac program and she only has a PC (she should have bought a mac, like I was telling her :)). It's a program from 1999 but I'm not sure of the requirements of it. It's not too intensive so I'm thinking that it would probably work on a 68k. What the best emulation program I could get her (for free, of course)? I've tried basilisk but for some reason the 7.0.1 ROM that I'm trying to use won't work. I'll try again tomorrow but maybe there's a better one out there. BTW, she's using win98. I've also downloaded all 19 parts of 7.5.3 from Apple so that I can upgrade the OS once I get the ROM working properly. Any recommendations? TIA
-Q- Aug 20, 2001 05:06 PM

These guys were exhibiting at Macworld:
OverclockedHomoSapien Aug 21, 2001 12:18 AM
LOL, this is really pathetic, but I bet one could go buy a 1.8 GHz PC and run the Mac OS FASTER in emulation than one could on a real Mac, at least for the price of that PC.

I can just see it now: this winter when one can buy 2 GHz PCs, it will be possible to run OS X using a G4 emulator on the PC...and OS X will be faster in emulation on the PC than it is on a Mac. LOL!
itomato Aug 21, 2001 01:33 AM
Take a look at this site. There is a link to download Fusion, which is one of the best Mac emulators for the PC. They also have links for BasiliskII, which is probably the most ported Mac emulator around. It runs under Linux, Windows, and BeOS. Maybe more, I dunno. There are also some crucial utilites like HFV explorer, which will allow you to mount and view HFS formatted CD-ROMs, disk images and whatnot. There are also links to ROM files, which can be a real PITA to extract/find/whatever. Bootdisks, too. Good site.

Unfortunately, there are no PPC emulators yet, but they have been "right around the corner" for 3 or 4 years, now. :rolleyes: iFusion, the PPC Mac emulator from Blittersoft (they bought Fusion from Microcode solutions), is being developed for the Amiga first. I guess Emulators, Inc. are working on fitting PPC emu code into Fusion on the PC side. They probably won't run OS X, though. That would be pretty cool. Win lots of converts that way!
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