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AGE Aug 21, 2001 08:42 AM
Creating a boot disk in VPC for windows/
I have VPC4 with win 2000, I just installed BEos but its asking for a boot disk, trouble is G3 b/w dont have the diskette drive nomore as its obsolete.

Am i supposed to fake it by creating an image, if so how?
<unregistered> Aug 22, 2001 05:23 AM
I've done this before...

Create a WRITABLE disk image using Disk Copy or ShrinkWrap - the program will mount it onto the desktop. Drag the mounted image onto the floppy icon in VPC. Treat as normal floppy and use in VPC to make a disk image.

This procedure has the effect of causing the image to be UNMOUNTABLE in the Mac OS - a boot disk in Windows is UNFORMATTED. I think when I started to create the boot disk, the Mac OS asked me if I wanted to format the disk image. Don't do anything until the boot disk has been created. Eject the disk from windows, then eject from the Mac. The image can be used to boot from in windows by draging the image file onto the floppy icon. Haven't got Win2000 so hope this works for you.
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