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FERRO Aug 22, 2001 01:20 AM
Aquafying 9
I like Aqua... the look anyway and maybe after 10.1 I'll actually use it

But I know that there must be software or URLs where a person can "Aquafy OS 9".....

Using Kaliedoscope and other programs.....

One of my interests is making the icons as large and beautiful as in OS X..... Now i know that having big beautiful icons does not require one has OS X.... so can resedit do anything???

I cant be the only one with a soft spot for OS 9...... to just abandone it like everyone else.

not having much luck finding anything to help me....

I ran across a site "" for pc's to emulate OS X that looked better than anything I have seen the mac community do....

I want my OS 9 to look like OS X........... Come on..... somebody got to know something......

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KidRed Aug 22, 2001 01:25 AM
From what I understand, no, 9 cannot have big icons like X. What you see in 9 size wise is as big as it gets (unless there's something I've never seen)

Sorry, Kaliedoscope, A-Dock, and some good 9 icons is all you can do.
<MacFly> Aug 22, 2001 08:50 AM
Use dragthing as a launcher

Dragthing can display 128x128 icnos in his docks even in os9 !!
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