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Herr Newton Dec 22, 1999 11:09 PM
'Temporary Items' folder bug
For those of you who don't know, MacOS 9.0 has "issues" with the Temporary Items folder, an invisible folder at the root level of your hard disk. Programs use it to store -- amazingly! -- temporary items. Usually, it's cleared at boot (or re-boot as the case may be), but OS 9 seems to not clear it regularily.

There are a few work arounds, including Sherlock, Transmit (FTP client), Norton WipeInfo, etc. However, each is a pain in their own unique way.

I've found a new solution. Turly O'Connor's FinderPop ( will allow you to delete the TemporaryItems folder and, additionally, do so many cool things for your contextual menus that your head will spin.
tooki Feb 11, 2000 06:02 PM
Sorry for resurrecting such an old post, but does anyone know of any other utility for emptying the Temporaory Items folder?

wlonh Feb 11, 2000 08:54 PM
search versiontracker, keywords:


empty temp folder

invisible file copier

and try just 'temp items' for other possible solutions

oh yes, AutoPurge too

or just look here:

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NDBounce Feb 12, 2000 12:53 AM
Does anyone know if Apple is planning a fix for this issue or should we all be expected to own a copy of finderpop or some similar application? Just Curious.
wlonh Feb 12, 2000 03:07 AM
the items mentioned in my previous post are free
NDBounce Feb 17, 2000 11:04 PM
Okay, I tried to use finderpop, but I have no clue exactly how to use this control panel to delete the temporary items folder. I also tried to find the Temp items folder with Sherlock 2, I found the folder, but was unable to drag it to the trash.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated
Linda Feb 18, 2000 12:51 PM
I'll vouch for AutoPurge. Couldn't be easier to use. Double click, it purges, and it quits. "Rescued items" appear in the Trash.

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