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hkim Jan 12, 2001 09:02 PM
Mac OS 9.1 and PM6100 with G3 upgrade
I know I should buy a new mac, but I still like my G3 upgraded PM6100.
This is a die hard machine that got me through college and still running like a champ with some help from Newertech. I've read recently that Newertech extensions still work with MacOS 9.1. However, it was on the newer PCI macs. Does this apply to Newertech extensions on my PM6100?...
Can someone please advice me if anyone had success upgrading their old PM6/7/8100 with G3 upgrade cards to work with MacOS 9.1?

I would appreciate any valuable input.

Thanks in advance.

Jun Kim
Stogieman Jan 12, 2001 10:40 PM
I have a MaxPower G3 installed in my 6100 as well. You're right those little machines keep chuggin along. I can't install 9.1 right now because you need to buy the CD in order to install the new OS onto the 8100/7100/6100 machines. I'll try to get the CD tonight and install it on my 6100. I'll let you know how it works out.
hkim Jan 13, 2001 10:21 PM

I hope it's sometime soon.
If any of the readers has heard or read anything regards to
this post... please do give me an update and will be deeply appreciated.

Thanks again.
RoofusPennymore Jan 16, 2001 01:09 PM
I've got a 6100 w/ NewerTech upgrade too. Love this machine and I am eagerly awaiting to hear if it works or not.
skeedog98 Jan 16, 2001 05:07 PM
Same here got the old 6100 runnin' beside my Duallie. It is now my web server.
gruntwork Jan 18, 2001 09:37 AM

head on over to macfixit and search their OS 9 forum. There seem to be some users with first-hand experience there.

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hkim Jan 19, 2001 01:06 AM

I've got some good news. I just finished upgrading my PM6100 with Maxpowr G3 upgrade card to Mac OS 9.1. It took long time to install but it is up and running with the G3 upgrade card. I've read some post about Maxpowr control panel conflicts, but I changed the memory size with Resedit from 384k to 512k before upgrading my system. So, I don't really know if that is an issue. All in all, everything seems to be fine and so far G3 upgrade card works with Mac OS 9.1.

Long live PM6100!!!!!

Jun Kim

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Richard Pinneau Jan 19, 2001 07:10 AM
Hey, Jun!
You have inspired me to resurrect my old 6100.
Anyone have an idea how much I'd likely have to pay for a G3 upgrade?
...or where to find one, even? (Newer being dead) Sonnet? Catalog?
TIA for suggestions for a best deal.
Pete M Jan 19, 2001 03:42 PM

were you able to install 9.1 on your 6100 w/o the 9.1 CD? if so, how did you do it. I'm trying to update my 7100 w/o spending the $20 bucks.

I'm just trying to trick this machine out one last time before I buy a new machine with X on it.

Any help you can be would be much appreciated.


mackenzie.lace May 3, 2001 09:28 PM
I had one problem with my 6100; solved it and then another one emerged. I installed 9.1 on an external scsi drive -- I always do that to make sure everything works with it before I commit the core of the machine. When I installed the MaxPowr driver, I got a very bad sad mac -- the one with the black screen and the ugly looking numbers around it. The one time I had this before, there was a conflict with the hard disk driver. The drive is a non-Apple drive. I re-initialized the drive using the drive setup function that came with the 0S 9.1 disk, installed the Apple disk driver, reinstalled OS 9.1 and then reinstalled the MaxPowr 2.05 driver, and it worked. The only problem now is that there seems to be a conflict between the startup drive control panel in OS 9.1 and the MaxPowr driver. Not a huge problem anyway, since I can boot from the external whenever I want by booting with it turned on. And when I want to boot from the main drive, I leave it turned off. Don't think I'll be switching anything on the main drive anytime soon, however.

Incidentally, is there anything in 9.1 other than making migration to OS X possible (which Nubus machines can't do anyway)? Getting OS 9.1 to work was an interesting intellectual exercise, but having done it, I'm not sure there's any point.
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