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kansir Sep 11, 2000 11:19 PM
How to delete theme?
How to delete a saved theme?
I just find the "save theme ... " button!
besides, how to rename a theme?
Dev-Em Sep 11, 2000 11:33 PM

In your system folder should be the Appearance folder. Inside that folder, you'll find the Themes folder where you can delete or rename your themes.

kansir Sep 12, 2000 08:47 AM
Inside the "Theme Files" folder in "Apperaence" folder in "System", There is three files : Apple platinum, Custom Themes and Ensemble Themes.
I have saved three custom theme, naming with different filename.
I think if I delete the "Custom Theme" file, I will loss all of my custom theme, right?
Dev-Em Sep 12, 2000 09:39 AM
Any customization you've done to the appearance control panel is stored in that 'custom' theme file. And if you delete it, you'll lose any changes you made.

You can remove it from the appearance folder without concern and store it somewhere else if you want to save it. Although no harm is done by leaving it there, either.

kansir Sep 12, 2000 09:22 PM
I have saved three custom theme. Does it mean that I can not delete oneof them. I must delete all of them at once?
Paul Crawford Sep 13, 2000 03:17 AM
Hi all,

Unfortunately, I don't have my Mac with me at the moment (I recently moved overseas), but I seem to remember that it's possible to use the 'Edit' menu commands to delete a personal/custom theme when it's selected on the 'Themes' tab in the Appearance CP. [Note: For additional tips on how to use the ResEdit utility to delete even Apple's own built-in themes, see ResExcellence's Deleting Apple's Themes and patterns from the Appearance Control Panel web page.]

It might also be possible to rename a personal/custom theme via another ResEdit hack...?

[My humble apologies if these are just hallucinations brought on by a lack of sleep, and a longing for my beloved Mac. ;-)]


kansir Sep 13, 2000 09:41 PM
Thanks for Paul Crawford !
I have successful delete one of my custom theme.
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