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Cipher13 Sep 15, 2000 10:16 PM
default loc of screenshots
Is there any way I can change the default location of screenshots? I use them a lot, and normally the root of my HD has only 3 items - apart from the 30-odd screenshots in there at any one time, and it is very annoying...
I'm looking for a ResEdit hack preferably (to change the directory - there must be one, I'm looking through the System for a loc now - or should I be checking Finder? Probably...), but anything is better than nothing...

tonymac Sep 15, 2000 11:24 PM
Have you thought about using a commercial screen capture utility (such as Snapz Pro) which would give you more control over your captures??
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Cipher13 Sep 16, 2000 12:54 AM
I did consider it, but when the System can do something itself, I prefer to do it that way...
I imagine Snapz Pro (downloading now) is a cdev/init, and I don't like running 3rd party extensions and stuff...
Thanks for the reply

wlonh Sep 16, 2000 05:04 AM
well if you want the default to be your desktop instead of root, see here:

5k download, init, freeware
reader50 Sep 16, 2000 08:49 PM
If you hold down the Control key while taking the screen shots, they are copied to the Clipboard instead of the startup HD root.
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