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RedShift Sep 16, 2000 07:56 PM
Games requiring 16 colors (or less)
I was hoping for some good old time fun recently, so I grabbed a disk with Loom on it, a odd old game from days past. I tried to run the game and was informed that it required 16 colors or black and white. Unfortunately, Monitors and Sound has neither of these options in os 8.6. Is there any hope that I can play this game again? third party system hacks or something far simpler? or anything?
Cipher13 Sep 16, 2000 07:59 PM
Easiest way is to whip out the good 'ol LC575 you've been keeping 'just in case'.
I've been in sorta the same sitch, but never really bothered with it.
I'm thinking maybe get an emulator for older systems - I don't think its the OS that limits the colours and stuff, its the monitor...
However, I'm not sure how much sense it makes that a monitor can display millions of colours, and not 16...

mac freak Sep 16, 2000 08:20 PM
If it will run in black & white, you can run it in vMac . You'll need to download Sytem 6.0.8 (reccomended) or 7.0.1(rather slow) from Apple, and then (probabaly illegally) get a Mac Plus ROM.

Oh, and if it's a fun enough game, would you send it to me?

Be Happy.
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