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ironlew May 27, 1999 11:45 AM
advantages and disadvantages of Mac OS
Is there anybody out there could tell me the advantages and disadvantages of Mac Os in terms of the OS convenience and network interoperability.

scott May 27, 1999 04:03 PM
Do you mean "Classic" Mac OS, Mac OS X Server, or Mac OS X client?

- Scott

Scott Stevenson
Contributing Editor,

natro301 Jul 29, 1999 02:50 PM
the best place to go would be then goto look around.Always remember there is more software
for mac and less for linux but more free.For example coral word for mac $99 for linux it is a whooping $000
natro301 Jul 29, 1999 02:55 PM
tell me what you went with one other thing the ease of mac os is unmatch by any other os . soon apple is coming out with new hard ware & system software based on linux(unix)so you can run those free apps(Applications)
scott Aug 2, 1999 06:46 AM
Apple's not really going to release anything based on Linux. Unix yes, Linux no.

You could argue that some of the open source components (Darwin) that make their way to Mac OS X and Server will borrow some stuff from Linux, but that's about it.

Additionally, the bit about WordPerfect being free on Linux, but a commercial purchase on Mac is extremely rare. I don't know of any other application that is in that same situation.

Yes, there is much more free software for Linux, but rarely is it the same brand/product as a Mac or Windows one.

- Scott

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