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diogopts Sep 19, 2000 10:20 AM
Terminal Window
I'd like to request help on the following topic: Terminal windows in a Mac.

How to activate them (is it different from version 8.0 to 9.0?). Are the commands the same as in a Windows Terminal Window (ATZ - ATX3 - ATDT...)? From what I've seen there is only one Terminal Window option. Is it a before dialing window?

Thank You

Diogo Antunes
oscar Sep 19, 2000 03:23 PM
Z-term should do the job.

-See Yea!
diogopts Sep 20, 2000 07:37 AM
????????? Explain please ???????????

Diogo Antunes
Barney Sep 20, 2000 03:20 PM
????????? Explain please ???????????
I take this to mean you don't understand what Oscar has in his post. What you should do is click on the underderlined (which is a URL) with your mouse and that will take you to a website where Oscar believes your question could be better answered. If I am wrong in my assumption, forgive me. I wish I knew the answer to your original post, but I don't.
diogopts Sep 21, 2000 04:57 AM
I've been using the Internet for a long time now. In fact I work in an company which also provides internet access but I'm not very at ease with Mac's and since I don't have one avaliable I'm trying to learn some theory. The link on Oscar's post is a zipped file that I believe can only be of use in a Mac so I really don't know what to do with it

Thank You

Diogo Antunes
Cipher13 Sep 21, 2000 07:14 AM
There is an option somewhere, "Connect via terminal window". I can't remember where, and even what control panel its in... I'm pretty sure its either:
TCP/IP, Remote Access, or one of those kinda things... Modem etc...
Yes, theoretically the commands will be the same.

tonymac Sep 21, 2000 02:06 PM
The link is to Zterm, a popular terminal emulator for the Mac. It supports the Hayes AT command set for dialup communications as well as providing VT100 emulation.

If you simply need to connect to an ISP with a terminal window, there's an option in the Remote Access control panel to do so. Click the Options button, click the Protocol tab, then check Connect to command line host, and the Use terminal window radio button.

I realize you're posting from outside the US, but your original post didn't make a whole lot of sense.
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