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serge Sep 19, 2000 10:24 AM
keychain in OS 9
hi, I have a big problem unlocking the keychain automatically using "keychain autounlock" or "keychain unlocker". after installation and set up of - for example - keychain autounlock (KAU), the application will launch after start up, but NOT before the MacOS keychain dialog. I still always have to first unlock the keychain myself, than KAU will launch and unlock it again. is there any other way to suppress the keychain dialog???
PLEASE help!!! this keychain is a pain in the behind!
thanx a lot. serge
John, IT Director Sep 20, 2000 07:19 PM

Use Keychain AutoUnlock: it's the best. The problem is most likely that you have some aliases to server volumes in the "Servers" folder in your System Folder. These aliases get created when you check the "Mount at Startup" box in the AppleShare Chooser.

You should get rid of any aliases in the "Servers" folder (it's generally empty), and use KeyChain AutoUnlock's mechanism to auto-mount server volumes, which is explained in the documentation that comes with it.

If another startup item that wants to access a server volume is launching before KeyChain AutoUnlock, that can also cause the same symptom. In that case, just put a space or two in front of the alias to KeyChain AutoUnlock to make it launch first.
ravedog Sep 20, 2000 10:07 PM
What about Control Panels like ATM Deluxe that need fonts from a server? How can you get around tat?
serge Sep 21, 2000 11:51 AM
sounds good but that doesn't work. it won't launch ther server if you remove the aliases from the "server" folder. in the KA-instructions it says the following:
"(13) If you do not want to mount servers on startup, you are done. Continue to use your mac, and from now on on restart the keychain should be unlocked for you.

(14) If you do want to mount servers automatically on startup, open the System Folder, and create a folder named "Startup Servers" inside. Put aliases to any servers you wish to mount on startup in this folder. DO NOT PUT SERVER ALIASES IN THE STARTUP ITEMS FOLDER. This will NOT work... the Finder will attempt to open those server aliases BEFORE Keychain Autounlock has a chance to run, therefore defeating the purpose of using it (Also a bug in my opinion)."

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