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sparky Oct 6, 1999 05:46 PM
PPP wont connect first time.
The first time I try to "open PPP connection" after I have booted up I get a dialogue "A failure occured during authentication. The wrong user name or password may have been specified in the a/c config'n". After clicking OK and opening PPP connection again it connects up OK and will continue to do so until I re-boot. Using 8.6 on 7600 with GV Teleport Platinum Modem but am getting same on my G3 P/B with TDK modem. Any ideas?
Tee Oct 7, 1999 02:53 PM
We have this problem as well. With our Beige G3/266DT running OS 8.6. GV Teleport 56K x2 flashed to V.90.
Typically the first dial-up conection after a restart yields connection errors. Usually "The Remote Side is not responding Properly" or an authentication error. Tried reinstalling the Remote Access components but we still have problems. I've just learned to expect it.
Gregory Oct 7, 1999 04:07 PM
I've seen FreePPP do this a lot when my ISP upgraded their 3Com servers, and mostly with v.34.

When you look at what shows, esp. if it is an initial authentication error, the host is sending out a long Welcome message that seems to confuse FreePPP direct dial. A script works because it knows what promts (not a CCL script - look in a terminal window to see what is happening).

It was so bad I switched to LinkUPPP! which never had trouble (allows for secondary authentication, turning on PAP and/or CHAP). Switched ISP to one that was "friendlier" (the original ISP only had problems with Macs and with FreePPP or with 33.6k modems - which cleared up after months of throwing new modem servers and updates).

Remote Access 8.6 seems fine with v.90. Hopefully 9.0 will improve internet connections - can't be having a reputation as troublesome with internet can we! (Even if the problem is with 3Com host modem servers or something!)

sparky Oct 7, 1999 05:04 PM
Thanks Tee & Gregory-I will follow up with my ISP ASAP.
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