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angevine41 Sep 23, 1999 10:14 AM
G3 8.5cd on Performa 6360
I used the cd that came with my wife's G3 on my Performa; did a full reformat from 7.6.1. System performs a LOT BETTER, with a few quirks that, as yet, don't fall into a recognizable pattern.

But in the interests of paring down, I wonder how many extensions I can get rid of. The whole G3 bundle? (I have no idea what AT1 and Fireware are.) Can I turn off whole QT, or do I need basic QT but not music/video, unless needed.

Is there some way, short of a lot of trial and error, to get rid of all non-essentials?
Software that would let me specify apps I use, and extensions needed? (I know I can turn off the dancing bears in ad banners in IE4.5 prefs, and specify "faster" rather than "better" pictures; are there other ways to speed things up?) Wish I could find a long discussion of this.
wlonh Sep 23, 1999 01:35 PM
My sister has a 6360 and just recently I put a Sonnet L2 slot G3 CPU upgrade in it... really works great!!

Anyway... Yes, lots you can DISABLE in the extensions manager... AppleTalk, Dial Assist, File Exchange, File sharing, Launcher, Location Manager, Users&Groups, Websharing, Apple Enet, AppleShare, (there are ass't printer drivers you may DELETE if you do not have that printer, you will see them in Extensions Manager), File Sharing Extension, File Sharing Library, LocalTalk PCI, Location Manager extension, Network Setup extension, Printer Share, QuickTime Firewire DV enabler AND support, Video Startup, WebSharing extension.

(obviously, if there are files I mentioned that you know you need, then do not disable them... I have the abovementioned items disabled on my Mac, no problem... if I were you I would just leave these items DISABLED, don't trash 'em you may need 'em in the future)

and you can trash the ATI stuff because you have no ATI card in that 6360, ditto Firewire... I 'd keep ALL the OTHER QuickTime stuff (items that I did not mention) ENABLED.

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angevine41 Sep 24, 1999 08:30 AM
Thanks. Especially glad to hear about the processor upgrade; it's something I've been wondering about. Does it come with good installation instructions? I read somewhere that Performas aren't the easiest machines to get into.

I found out about INFOMINIT, got a copy, and will spend the weekend with it.
wlonh Sep 25, 1999 10:04 PM
the installation of the Sonnet Crescendo L2 slot upgrade for the 6360 is a piece of cake... getting into the 6360 is no problem... consult your APPLE owners manual and yes the Sonnet upgrade comes with easy instructions. the whole procedure is much like putting new RAM in, and the only software required is an extension (driver) that is supplied by Sonnet.

And sorry i did not think of Informinit... forgot all about that gem. for info on CPU

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angevine41 Sep 26, 1999 08:34 AM
Just to let you know: INFOMINIT only covers up to 8.1.
wlonh Oct 1, 1999 03:26 PM
Extension Overload is your all round extension & control panel management solution. It offers information on all the extensions in your system. It also lets you activate and deactivate them, so that you can always easily tailor your system to your current requirements. In addition, Extension Overload includes a useful collection of helpful information and tidbits.
Extension Overload Features

* Allows you to enable and disable your extensions and control panels on the fly without going to the Extensions or Control Panels folders.
* Provides detailed descriptions of over 2024 extensions and control panels, from Apple and many other companies.
* Covers extensions and control panels from System 7, 7.5, 7.6, Mac OS 8, 8.1, 8.5, 8.6, iMac and G3.
* Searching for a particular extension or control panel within the database can be done either by name or description.
* Generates reports to keep track of your extensions and control panels.
* Simple Internet Version Control that will tell you when a new version of Extension Overload has been released, and then gives you an option to easily download it at the click of a button.
* A Tidbits menu that contains interesting tidbits of information including:
* What is an extension?
* What is a control panel?
* What is a shared library?
* Tips to speed up your Macintosh.
* System error codes to help make your troubleshooting process easier and faster.
* Easter eggs (little gimmicks hidden somewhere in the software).
* A guide on how to get software updates

an online database of info on inits (extensions) and cdevs (control panels) as well as further info on Extension Overload is here:
angevine41 Oct 1, 1999 06:39 PM
For some reason, I couldn't open (unstuff) the Extension Overload I downloaded, so I trashed it. Guess I should try again.
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