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aliled Sep 28, 1999 09:33 PM
fonts switch when I cut and paste - help!

My default font is Palatino, and when I open a new document, that's what font appears. However, if I cut something, then paste it - even to the same document - the pasted text reverts to Helvetica. I hate it, and it's driving me crazy, but try as I might I can't figure out why this is happening. No preferences folder I've found has Helvetica as its choice in fonts. Can anyone help me eliminate this annoying problem?

wlonh Sep 28, 1999 10:28 PM
which MacOS are you using?
if MacOS 8.6, have you installed the Font Manager Update?

first things first...
aliled Sep 29, 1999 07:26 PM
I'm using 8.6 OS, and I hadn't installed the Font Manager Update, and have done since. Unfortunately, that didn't solve the problem, but I think I discovered what caused it - for any others out there who may encounter a similar thing. On my old Mac, I used Claris, on my new iMac, AppleWorks. I did some investigating, and realised that the only documents that my problem was occurring on where ones that had originally been Claris docs carried over from my old computer. Then I noticed something else: I could cut and paste and "retain" the Palatino font on new Appleworks documents. I could also cut and paste and retain the Palatino font if I cut from what was originally a Claris doc onto a new Appleworks doc. I just couldn't cut and paste and retain Palatino if I were cutting from what had been a Claris doc to another Claris doc. The solution? Cut the entire contents of all my old documents from Claris days onto totally new Appleworks documents and trash the old Claris counterparts. For me, this isn't too much of a hassle considering - I only have 100 or so old docs, and doing a few at a time I'll have them all done soon. For others with potentially thousands of documents (assuming they'd ever need / want to cut/paste from them all), I guess it would be a hassle if there's no other solution. Oh well!
wlonh Sep 29, 1999 10:30 PM
Good sleuthing, Delila. You may want to check these sites for further info or for future reference in case of troubles:

these sites have been very helpful for me...

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Ster Sep 30, 1999 04:31 PM
another possibility is to use the "convert" applescript that comes w/ appleworks. it basically opens any files you drop on it, and resaves them, this time as a appleworks 5 file. it appends a ".cwk" extension on the new files, and may shorten the filename if necessary to add the ".cwk" the path to the script is :...AppleWorks 5:AppleWorks Scripts:", and the droplet is called "Convert Documents"
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