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RedVol25 Sep 27, 1999 12:50 PM
Application Switcher
I'm running OS 8.6 on an 8100/80. Before installing this system and a new hard drive, I remember that the Command-Tab method of application switching popped a visual list (looked much like the tear-off of the application menu) of open apps, allowing you to tab through the list rather than the actual apps. This was quicker both from a computer response time and a user interaction time. Was this part of an older version of OS? Is there a way to re-engage this feature? Or was it part of another utility I had installed and didn't reinstall? Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks much.
wlonh Sep 27, 1999 08:48 PM
well it ain't part of any MacOS release! it was likely a third-party util that you did not reinstall... not sure which one from your description...

try FinderPop, it is a fave... or Wapp Pro... or BOTH if you are really into customization of Finder menu and contextual menus, etc.

I use both!


Wapp Pro, new version TODAY, really great:
Peter Wan Sep 28, 1999 10:14 AM
Sorry is a feature of MacOS 8.6.

Tear off the applications menu and open a few applications. Then press Apple-Tab and you'll be able to switch through the list of applications.

You may have it turned off though. Go to the help menu and search under 'application switch shortcut'. There will be a section on the keyboard shortcut for switching and a link to change the keys to press as well as to turn it off or on. click the link and follow the instructions.

wlonh sez: U need Schoolin' baby i'm not foolin... sorry pal... i knew the cat was looking for something other than what u mentioned (and i am aware of that feature) `8-)

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RedVol25 Sep 28, 1999 10:23 AM
I can do what you're describing. There is a subtle difference in this and what I recall... with the method you describe, it actually switches through the apps rather than through a list of apps. This can be much slower... if I've got Quark open, for instance, the thing bogs at Quark while it loads resources and Quark revs up. You don't get the immediate feedback of the list popping to center screen and the highlight of each item.
Ster Sep 28, 1999 05:16 PM
hi there,
i think that you're thinking of a third-party control panel called "lite switch", by proterion (sp?) i believe (same people who make gomac)
hope that helps,
RedVol25 Sep 29, 1999 09:48 AM
Thanks, Ster. The Control Panel that I found while conducting a Sherlock search for "lite switch" is called "Program Switcher" and it appears to work quite nicely. Its only $10 for the shareware...

Program Switcher v4.5.3
Copyright 1995-1998 by Michael F. Kamprath
Ster Sep 29, 1999 10:52 AM
hi RedVol25,
glad to have helped. btw, lite switch is freeware
RedVol25 Sep 29, 1999 11:27 AM
Found it. Thanks for the tip. Cheers and out.
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