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PilotHigh May 15, 1999 04:54 PM
B&W G3 Firmware update NIGHTMARE!
I have a B&W 350 DVD with NO peripherals at all; no SCSI or Zip. I do
have a SCSI CD-RW on my StarMax. After 3 coasters I finally got a boot
CD burned and I put the Firmware 1.02 updater on it along with disk
utilities for formatting, etc. I updated my factory installed 6 gig to
8.6, formatted and partitioned my new 10 gig drive. But while moving and
copying files it crashed continuously so I zapped the PRAM.

Well, during the next startup I got a grey screen with text. Here is
what it said:

Mac OS: Boot failure (0xF3C481F6)
Mac OS: ROM checksum failure

Apple Powermac 1, 1 1.0f5 BootROM built on 02/15/99 at 18:06:39
Copyright 1994-1999 Apple Computer Inc.

Open firmware 3.1.0
0 >

Well, I booted from the CD and tried the firmware updater BUT it said it
couldn't move needed files to the system folder because the disk was
locked and to startup from an unlocked volume. I can't do that. So I got
on the net and went to the Apple forum and left a message. But no answer
yet. In the meantime the G3 is a boat anchor. So what do I do now?


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