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thom May 11, 1999 10:55 AM
8.5/8.6 on StarMax problems
Hi all. I'm running a StarMax 4000/160 (that's a 160 MHz PPC 604), main drive IDE but I've installed an internal SCSI drive in addition (by recabling the SCSI from the motherboard) and have external Jaz and Zip drives too. I'm currently running OS 8.1 and just picked up OS 8.5 mainly so that I can install 8.6. Under 8.1 everything works fine.

But the installer crashes on me whenever I try to install. I'm currently running my system off the internal IDE drive and am trying to do a clean install of 8.5 onto the internal SCSI drive. The installer runs fine and starts working normally, but then freezes at some non-replicable point partway through the installation.

I suspect that Apple didn't go out of its way to make OS 8.5 compatible with clones, but this is a Tanzania motherboard which is also used in some Apple models. I figure it will work if it's given the right TLC. Does anybody have any ideas or experience with this?

Many thanks -- cc: of replies by email appreciated (though I'll check back here too of course).


Thom Cleland

jcroft May 11, 1999 11:01 AM
This exact thing happened on my Father's Starmax. What I did was simply do a clean install of 8.5 on another (Apple) machine, and copy the system folder over to the StarMax...the OS has run fine ever since. Haven't tried the 8.6 update on that machine though....

Jeff Croft
Mac007 May 16, 1999 05:48 AM
You might also try posting your request at the Unofficial StarMax website.


They also have a free email discussion list.


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