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meharrington May 16, 1999 07:37 PM
Clean Install with 8.6?
Is there any way to do to a clean install with the downloaded MacOS 8.6 or do I have clean install 8.5 off the CD and then install 8.6?


MacNut May 16, 1999 10:52 PM
It is my understanding that a clean install is not possible with the Internet downloaded OS 8.6 from Apple due to the fact that the upgrade OS 8.6 is not a complete operating system.
I saved all my important files to my Superdisk drive and reformated the hard drive and installed OS 8.5 and the follewed it immediatley with the downloaded OS 8.6 upgrade. This should be the equivelent to a clean install.
The only problems I have had with 8.6 are as follows:
1)After installing 8.6 my USB Superdisk failed to mount the inserted disk.
2) there appears to be some sort of Energy Management control panel bug that may involve my Keyspan USB card that causes a crash when I try to wake the computer from sleep.
If you have any problems that sound like what I listed please Email me as I have discoverd how to fix the USB problem.
I know that this is more than you asked about..but I would hate for anyone else to have to suffer the way I did with the USB problem.
Best Wishes..

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