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Storyboy Aug 29, 2001 03:29 PM
What should go into an "emergency" system folder?

I have my HD partitioned in such a way as to have on-board 2 distinct startup volumes. One is the 9.1 I always use, the other is currently a heavily loaded 9.0.4 that I was using until I updated.

Space is not so much an issue, as I have much more than I should ever need, but I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on streamlining an emergency start-up.

Should I simply copy the system folder from a bootable CD, say the OS 9 Install disc? Or should I keep the 9.0.4 on there?

All suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

AppleScript Aug 29, 2001 05:47 PM
For an emergency startup disk, you need the System, Finder, Mac OS ROM, System Resources, and Text Encoding Converter. Do not take the system file from a bootable CD-it won't work.

tinrib Sep 3, 2001 03:42 AM
On an emergency partition you want to include any disk tools you have (diskwarrior, disk first aid, drive setup etc.) and also a browser, and ensure your system will get you online. If you can get online with your system you can download anything you need... if you can't you might find yourself regretting not giving yourself the capability. A better way to do it is to take a full install and then remove the stuff you don't need, that way you won't forget anything.
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