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towen May 12, 1999 11:02 AM
MacOS 8.6 & FirstClass Internet Client
After upgrading to MacOS 8.5 I discovered that my FCIS Client software was not working. Each time I tab or click into the password field of any connection document the application crashes with a type 2 error (address error).

I have been able to reproduce this on both my PowerBook G3/266 and my PM 9600/G3 300 (xlr8 card upgrade).

I there anyone else having this problem, and are there any work arounds?
Grinch May 12, 1999 12:04 PM
Am experiencing the same problem using FirstClass client 3.5.1 on a Powerbook G3 and Power Mac 5400/180. When going from User ID to Password field the program quits with type 2 error. Our server is running version 2.6.
mrw May 12, 1999 02:37 PM
First Class Client will not work with Mac OS 8.6. SoftArc, the publisher of First Class claims that the problem is with System 8.6.and the solution rests with Apple. Unfortunately I have not yet found the answer to this problem.If someone does know the answer please email me.
Mark Willemin, First Class Certified Consultant
glp1 May 12, 1999 04:49 PM
There is indeed a conflict between FC Clients and the new Mac OS 8.6 This appears to effect both standard FC clients and FCIS clients. The problem occurs when you tab into or click into the password field in the login screen. The result is that the client will crash. If the password is already stored and saved in the field, there is no problem.

SoftArc knows of the problem and does have a patch available for the FCIS client. As they no longer support the older FC clients, they will not supply a support. However a SoftArc representative is investigating an independent patch. In the meantime, here is a word around:

Start up your Mac with extensions off (hold down shift key at startup until you see "Extensions Off" message). Then open up the PBS Express settings file, open the setup box, enter password and save. Restart your Mac and then you can launch PBS Express and login. Caution: If you tab or click into the password field, even if you have saved the password, the client will crash.

Greg Petersen
Penn State Public
VinsonL May 12, 1999 06:56 PM
Softarc has posted a patch to update the 5.506 client to 5.51 (OS 8.6 compatible). It's fast, and it works.
Larry Vinson
Technology Coordinator
The Montgomery Academy

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glp1 May 17, 1999 11:15 AM
UPDATE for 3.5.1 users .....

After a bit of experiment, I have found that turning off Virtual Memory in OS 8.6 solves the password field crash problem. Read a report in MacFixit where a user disabled RAM Doubler and fixed it too. If you have plenty of RAM, you might consider turning Virtual Memory (on the Memory control panel) off. As a by product, turning off VM results in noticeably increased processor speed.

No word yet on a 3rd party patch for the 3.5.1 client.

Greg Petersen
FC Admin
Penn State Public Broadcasting
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