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Peter Hartmann May 13, 1999 09:17 AM
FreePPP 2.6.2 and OS 8.6
It seems that FreePPP does no longer work under OS 8.6. I can log in to my ISP but when trying to access a web page or load down my mail I get OT errors. No problem with Remote Access otherwise. Could someone of you make FreePPP work under OS 8.6?
goldengoose May 14, 1999 02:16 PM
Hello Peter,

I am using FREE PPP 2.6.2 right now connecting to earthlink. Haven't had any problems with that side of the system, but many elseware.

mike3k May 14, 1999 02:25 PM
Why don't you just use Remote Access? Since 8.1, I found that it was much more reliable. In particular, If I connect more than once without booting with FreePPP, nothing would work. The problem seems to be related to MacSOUP's automatic disconnect feature. Also, unlike Remote Access, FreePPP can't automatically disconnect after checking mail in Eudora.
adamsitnick May 14, 1999 02:37 PM
Well since many ISPs send out FreePPP still, it makes since that many people are still going to be using it.

My question: is anyone still using FreePPP 2.5v2 or 2.5.6 with OS 8.6? I know that the ISP I work for now sends out Remote Access, but we had been sending out FreePPP 2.5v2 until about a year ago, when we started sending 2.5.6.

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John P May 17, 1999 03:39 PM
I have BW 400 and had similar probs after 8.6 U/G. FreePPP would freeze, my hard drive started looping looking for some unknown file. I d/l a fresh copy and re installed FreeePPP 2.62 and it has been working great like it used to. I tried remote access but get faster connects and connect speed with FreePPP. My max with remote access was 4.8, Freeppp gets up to 7.2 so it's a no brainer for me.
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