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B.I.L Sep 1, 2001 12:58 PM
QuickTime launch is glacial... what's wrong?
I have a DP533... and it takes forever to launch... like 1-2 minutes. The QuickTime Settings CP is also slow to load, and general QT UI performance is sluggish... but movies play fine.

Recently, I moved my System Folder from one HD to another, and noticed some slowdown afterward... So I did a clean install of 9.1 and updated to 9.2.1. The system slowdown dissappeared, but the QT lag did not. So I downloaded the QT installer, had it remove all QT stuff, then reinstalled... no change. I noticed that my settings in the QT CP were the same, so I trashed the QuickTime Prefs and the QuickTime Favorites next to it. But this didn't help either. In fact, I checked the QT CP again and my settings were STILL there.

So, where is the file that actually stores these settings? I want to trash it, to see if that helps.

I have also noticed a lag when iTunes switches songs... does anyone else experiecence a lag of around 5 seconds when iTunes begins playing a new song, and could this somehow be related to my QT woes?

BTW... My QT used to work fine, and I have rebuilt the Desktop File.

Any ideas?

Specs: G4 533x2, 640MB(VM off, default cache), 40GB(21 free), Radeon
Periphs: 60GB HD(slave), ATI XClaim3D+, UMAX 1220U, iMic, Intellimouse Exporer, cable modem
OS: 9.2.1, 3rd party extensions include drivers for above periphs plus A-Dock (latest) and Suitcase 9 DE.

Tank you!
neutrino23 Sep 2, 2001 02:03 AM
Weird problem. I have seen problems with QT after upgrading that were fixed by trashing the preferences file. Try searching for it with Sherlock. Maybe you have another copy somewhere.

I don't see any lag when changing tunes in iTunes. Maybe 1 second if that. 500MHz G3 powerbook with 256MB memory.

I assume you have plenty of disk space.

Did you also check the amount of memory assigned to the program? Maybe it got set to a small value?

I would also check through the settings for something that could be causing it to load slowly. Perhaps it is looking for Hot Picks movie to play automatically?
B.I.L Sep 3, 2001 06:58 PM
I just reinstalled iTunes (after searching and deleting all associated files) and things seem better now.

I figure the System Folder being moved to the other drive messed it up, along with QT somehow.

Or maybe iTunes didn't have enough memory before. I have a very large library (7260 songs right now). I was pretty sure it had plenty before (over 20 MB, default is 7.3). I didn't adjust the memory before I reloaded my library today, and it stopped itself at 3700 songs and gave me a warning. So I gave it 33.3MB, and now the pauses between songs are a fraction of a second.

Anyway, QT Player now launches in about 3 seconds, so things are cool again. I suppose the moral of the story is iTunes and QuickTime are homies.
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