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Raphael May 15, 1999 08:15 PM
USR Modem, early G3 and 8.6
I made two updates today to my machine. One was to update my 8.5.1 to 8.6 (this went fine, altough some items were not updated, because I moved them - Apple CD Player, Apple Video Player).

The second one is a brand newUSR 56K FaxModem (a PC one, but seems to work with my machine, like my old USR 33.6 did). However I'm having one/two issues, like ARA saying that the remote site (my ISP) did not answer correctly. I believe I need to set some default to the modem (I did it once with my 33.6, mainly to switch the TR signal). I once in the past called USR in France, spent 30 minutes waiting on the line for finally getting a technician who never called me back. So I'm asking some help from someone who can tellme what I need to do to make the modem work as expected.

Thansk for your help,

MacNut May 16, 1999 11:37 PM
I also have a older G3 233 desktop that I just upgraded to 8.6.
I also have a USR modem... the V.Everything model.
My modem works fine ( It's also a cross-platform model)
Prior to purchasing the USR modem I had a Global Village 56k modem, the GV modem gave me a lot of connection problems of the same type you described.
It is possible that even though you have a v.90 modem your ISP still works best with the Kflex modems.
It is possible to alter the connection script of the USR modem to allow it to work better with your isp , but you will need to download Free PPP or the Pay version of the software (Gearbox) from Rockstar to be able to modify these modem scripts.
What I would suggest is you try and find a new isp that works well with the USR modem's implemtion of the v.90 protocal.
From my experience the v.90 protocal is the equivelent of the wild west....wild and wolly.

Raphael May 17, 1999 05:22 PM
Actually, I do never know where to turn to, changing my ISP is not something I can do from one day to the next, and my old modem (a 33.6 Sportster Voice) caused me also some issues (I used FreePPP to workaround these), until USR released a new ARA script.

This time, I tried some 4 different phone numbers (POPs) of my ISP before I can get through... I've got an ISDN line at home, and my first experience with a dedicated (ISDN; I mean) modem was very disappointing. Themodem disconnected after 5-6 minutes, not quite a great surfing experience. So I switched back to my old-fashioned 33.6.

I may finally get one of these internal ISDN cards to fit on the PCI port, and get connected with it, but I'm really reluctant investing too much in something I'm not sure it's going to work.

Who can fix my connections problems, I've got no idea. Calling USR for help is like being put in an infinite loop, but I send them an email, hopeing this time they won't send me the 101 guide to connecting your modem to a PC. I also sent a email to my ISP, and I'm still waiting an answer (they do normally respond).

If someonehave had similar problems (and have solutions), please let me know.
Raphael May 18, 1999 12:17 AM
Switched to FreePPP 2.6.2, and everything is now functionning like it is intended to do.

Connection speed islimited to 49333 though (not the maximum speed), strange for the use of a 56K modem over an ISDN line (my ISP does support ISDN).
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