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blizzard May 1, 2000 01:11 PM
Weird modem settings
I have a Global Village 56K modem at home, which is attached to my PM G3/266. Now, the weird thing is, if I use the GV288-56K modem script that I am supposed to use, the modem connects at anywhere between 19200 and 31200 bps (I live WAY out in the country, so this is what constitutes acceptable). However, and don't ask how I found this out, if I use the modem script for the Avalon 14.4 Fax modem (I think that's it; just go into the modem control panel and the first script in the dropdown is the one I am talking about) then my connection speed goes up to 38000 bps, all the time, steady as a rock. Can someone please tell me what's going on? I've used it like this for about two years now, and have never had any problems connecting or anything. The only downside is that Remote Access tells me I am connected at 'an unknown speed' rather than giving me an actual number value. This is just an item of curiosity, but what's up with this?
Simon Kornblith May 1, 2000 01:22 PM
I can't answer your question, but you may be able to get an even faster speed using the Modem Script Generator.

Simon Kornblith
Computer Consultant

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wlonh May 1, 2000 01:28 PM
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