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bigbabyjah Apr 26, 2000 08:34 PM
USB 2.0 coming soon
To read about usb 2.0 go to
My question is, will Apple adopt USB 2.0?

exa Apr 26, 2000 09:27 PM
Well, Apple will have to to be up to date. USB will always remain for medium powered devices, even with the increased speed, for USB does not support direct transfers, whereas firewire does - required for high powered devices.
wlonh Apr 27, 2000 12:49 AM
exa hits on a salient point. someone will correct me if i am wrong, it seems that about a year ago (maybe less) i read about how USB2 was cooked up by the Intel crowd as a_sort_of response to Firewire aka IEEE 1394, but USB2 did not take off whereas Firewire did... and Firewire is faster than USB2 i believe

and Firewire will get faster yet of course and i'm saying all of this without even checking the link you posted, shameful isn't it
oscar Apr 27, 2000 02:44 AM
Does anyone else think usb cdr's are a bit excessive?

-See Yea!
iPaul UK Apr 27, 2000 06:11 AM
Intel can keep USB2 for all I care. I mean, It took Apple a good year and a half to make the original USB work properly. Who knows how long it might take them to figure out USB2. Besides.. Whats the point if FireWire is faster and is already fitted to most Mac's? I'd rather see the return of the good old fashioned serial port than USB2!
bigbabyjah Apr 27, 2000 10:55 PM
I came to this site to learn new things and to keep informed and look what I get. Discouraging remarks. CAN I LIVE , better yet CAN I LEARN without smart ass remarks please.
Sturat Apr 27, 2000 10:59 PM
Whooops! people around here definately have opions. A callus might be in order.
iPaul UK Apr 28, 2000 12:45 PM
BigBabyJah, Oh stop moaning!! Everyone is entitled to express thier own opinion here. And I for one put across a perfectly valid point. There's no denying that it took Apple a long time to sort out USB. And I doubt anyone who buys a computer equipped with USB2 would be happy to wait well over a year till it works properly. Plus, from what I can make out, USB2 has no real advantages over FireWire, so why bother with USB2 at all!? And I don't care what anyone says.. I still miss serial ports! I have a perfectly good printer and digital camera that are virtually useless because modern Macs don't have a serial port. Plus serial ports worked much better for Midi interfaces too. And yes, I know you can get serial to USB adapters, but they really don't work that well, especially for printers. So obviously it becomes very expensive to replace these things with a USB equipped alternative. And it's annoying to replace anything when the origial worked just fine, then when you do finally give in and buy new printers and the like, you find that they don't work nearly as smoothly as the good ol serial port versions did. Like I say, USB is OK now, but it was a long & costly wait.
GORDYmac Apr 28, 2000 04:14 PM
I think Apple will sit this one (USB 2.0] out. It is not necessary to have that bandwith on a low speed bus -- which is what USB is used for on Macs.

My question is how will this be implemented? Like the 50 million versions of SCSI, and a different connector for each variant? It would have to be a different connector, otherwise, low speed devices would cripple the high speed devices, just like it does now when you hook a USB CDRW to the same hub as a keyboard.

[This message has been edited by GORDYmac (edited 04-29-2000).]
bigbabyjah May 1, 2000 09:32 PM
Go to
There is an article on firewire and how it will win against usb
Kato May 2, 2000 09:22 PM
By the time USB 2 comes out, Firewire will have also have made vast speed improvements. Besides Firewire in its present state is faster than USB 2 will be!
Misha May 3, 2000 06:55 PM
Actually USB 2.0 is supposed to be 400+ Mbps, isn't it? Whereas FireWire is 400 even.

The two aren't really meant to be competing technologies, though. I mean, as long as IEEE1394 comes on all DV cameras I doubt that will change. USB 2.0, from what I gather, is primarily to allow for cheap/fast expansion devices.

FireWire is expected to hit 800 Mbps sometime in the near future, I believe.
GORDYmac May 5, 2000 09:14 AM
I read an interesting article yesterday, actually "Firewire" isn't really Firewire. Apparently the standard has not been fully implemented, and companies are debending on IDE/Firwwire busses that yeild far lower performance results than "real Firewire" would. At this point, Firewire has the advantage over USB 2.0 because it has had more exposure to consumers as a high speed alternative to SCSI and the others. But few manufacturers to date has fully utilized Firewire technology in storage/input devices, only DV Camera manufacturers. A few are in the wings, though.
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