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rmcalhany Apr 25, 2000 05:12 PM
MPEG and OS9
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I cannot play MPEG movies once I installed OS9. I thought that quicktime 4(not pro) which comes w/ OS9 would play my case this is not so.

I've searched for a shareware mpeg player at but have not found one.

ANy ideas, recommendations?

I know this is a stupid question and i'm probably overlooking the obvious.


Simon Kornblith Apr 25, 2000 08:04 PM
Do you have the QuickTime MPEG Extension in your extensions folder? If not, you need to install this for MPEG to work.

Simon Kornblith
Computer Consultant
Misha Apr 26, 2000 08:41 AM
How about this one: why do some AVI movies work and other do not? Are there any alternative AVI players out there? I'm missing out on some great comedic clips my buddies keep sending me!
rmcalhany Apr 26, 2000 01:11 PM

yes it is installed and running.

any other ideas?

ATP Tour Fan Apr 27, 2000 09:41 AM
Misha, the reason why some avi files work and some don't are because many newly compressed avi's are done with the version 4 or 5 IndeoVideo codec, which, BTW, is available last time I checked on the QuickTime website.

In my extensions folder I have Intel Raw Video, IndeoVideo, IndeoVideo 4.4, IndeoVideo 5, and maybe even IndeoVideo 2. Unfortunately, just having Indeo 5 doesn't enable one to play Indeo 4, so you need them all.

You could maybe go to Intel's Indeo video website and download the lastest codecs.
SeeDCadetSquall Apr 28, 2000 03:37 PM
I have IndeoVideo, IndeoVideo3, IndeoVideo4, and IndeoVideo5 yet I am still unable to play a great deal of avi files I download. It is extremely frustrating. What codec could I still be missing? I noticed a reference to IndeoVideo4.4. Where could I download this file? Are there any other suggestions to how I can get these movies to play? Thank you.
wlonh Apr 28, 2000 03:41 PM
Indeo Video4 is version 4.40 on my Mac, sorry that is all the help i have for you

have you tried posting your issue at the Apple Tech Exhange forum?
Cipher13 Apr 29, 2000 01:44 AM
Misha, with the AVI's, by any chance are the ones you cannot play extracts from a VCD?
With VCD's, often it appears the files are AVI's, but in fact they are mpegs - very strange. I'm not sure whether I'm stating the obvious here or whether I'm totally off the mark, but perhaps you can't play those avi's because they are mpegs, which relates back to rmcalhany's problem.
I've had the AVI/MPEG problem with many overseas VCD's where the whole system thought the files were AVI's, buy Apple Video Player recognised them and played them as MPEGs.
Can you play mpegs at all?
Try checking the details of the avi's you can play as opposed to those you can't play with the info feature in QT Pro - look for any coinciding details.

SeeDCadetSquall May 1, 2000 03:50 AM
Ok, here's the problem. The codec I am missing when I play avi files is listed as mp43 when I get info from the quicktime menu. It seems like I am missing something very basic here. Am I crazy? It seems like it should be some simply mpeg codec. Does anyone know if there is an mp43 codec available for the macintosh? When I try to open such a file on a pc, Media Player automatically downloads the required codec. What on earth is going on here? If someone can help I would greatly appreciate it. This is definitely not an area where I know very much. Thank you.

Brian Marsh May 1, 2000 02:47 PM
not all codec's (especially AVI ones) are available for macOS,

and some just don 't fully work (like you'll get video without sound, or sound without video)
PeteChin May 5, 2000 02:05 PM
Some AVI's are also encoded using the I.263 codec. This is a weird format that is highly popular among Wintel users because 1) it's a free download from Intel and 2) produces somewhat-near-Sorenson like quality, but it only exists as Pentium-specific code. The only possible way to play AVI's with the I.263 codec on the Mac is to install it in VirtualPC Windows98/NT and use your AVI player from there.
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