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carrots Sep 3, 2001 11:20 PM
Crashes on emptying trash!
Help! :confused:
My computer (an 8500/150 which has been upgraded to a G3 processor, running MacOS 9.1 has a problem with crashing when I try to empty the trash. I determined the cause of the problem to be the "USB Support" extension. Disabling this extension cures the problem, however, I need this extension in order to use my USB card! (a Belkin 2- port PCI USB card, with a Lexmark Z32 printer and an iomega ZIP CD 650 connected. This system was my brother's machine until he upgaded to a new G4, and he never had any problems with the same setup (minus the printer, however, I had this problem before I attached the printer or installed the drivers. When switching over to this system, My brother simply copied my old machine's hard drive to the new one- SS and all! (old machine: 7600/120, factory processor) and simply added things I'd need. this is when the problem began. Thinking it had to do with the SS being set up for a different machine, I did a clean reinstall of the SS, but this did not work. I also tried re- installing all the USB extensions with no success. I have run out of ideas, and need some help. Thank you! :)
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