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yanokwa May 7, 2000 01:44 PM
ultimate repair cd??
i working on an "ultimate" repair cd, and i was wondering what apps I should include. So far I have:

agnettools 2.5
anubis utility v3.10
Apple DVD Player 2.2.smi
apple system profiler
bsng 3.0
canopener 4.0
CarbonLib 1.0.3.smi
corrupt fond fixer
creator changer 2.8.4 ppc
disk copy
disk first aid
disk unlock utility
diskwarrior 2.0
drive setup ƒ
extension overload 5
file buddy 5.3.5
foolproof password recovery
GameSprockets 1.7.4.smi
gauge pro
guru 2.8
hackuser december 1999
littleblackbook 12.99
liveupdate folder
Mac OS 8.6 Update.smi
Mac OS 9.0.4 Update.smi
maclinkplus 11
mactcp ping
memory guide (10/99)
norton antivirus folder
norton utilities folder
package first aid
QuickTime Installer.smi
resorcerer® 5.0 ppc
retrospect folder
serials list
shrinkwrap™ 3.0
Software Update 1.1.3.smi
stuffit deluxe™ 5.5
super resedit 2.1.3
surfers serials 05.2000
techtool® pro 2
the saltmine reader 0.24
zterm 1.0.1

am i missing any other utilites ('specially from apple)
dabradda May 27, 2000 02:34 AM
i would definately put tattletech on that cd. it tells you more than you would probably want to know about every part of your mac. oh yeah, and definately scsi director if youre gonna use this on scsi macs.

Paul P May 28, 2000 05:59 PM
I'd also add:

1) a folder with all the standard fonts
2) a text editor, and a browser to read HTML files
3) Apple Spec (if still available)
4) a replacement set of extensions and control panels that match what you normally use

And you might as well make the CD bootable.
iMan_ca May 29, 2000 12:13 PM
surfers serials 05.2000!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess I cant bitch since I have
a copy of it too.

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