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toonz007 May 31, 2000 11:11 AM
Error type 23 Message
When launching apps I get a type 23 error. I have tried replacing the finder and system. Norton and Disk First aid find no problems.

What is a type 23 and how do I remedy the problem.

Thanks inadvance!
wlonh May 31, 2000 12:08 PM
well, according to an Apple TIL article, 23 is
"23 dsNoPk6 - package 6 not present [International Utilities]"

hmmm, haven't a clue what's up with that, sorry
iMan_ca May 31, 2000 02:06 PM
What MacOS are you using?
What model of computer you have?
How long has this been happing?
With what programs?
Made any changes to your computer?
disectamac May 31, 2000 02:33 PM
This is all I've found on error type 23 and international utilities

give this a shot

Not much help I guess, sorry.
toonz007 May 31, 2000 02:54 PM
I am running 9.0.4 on a G3 350 w/ 192 MB Ram and VM off.

I have reinstalled the system twice - the last time was a complete reinstall of everything - system, apps all!

The problem seems to happen the most with InDesign (both 1 and 1.5), Norton Filesaver, Dreamweaver 3 and occasionally with random other apps.

- r
Cipher13 Jun 1, 2000 05:01 AM
Is it an error 23 or an error -23?
They are very different.
To me it sounds like a -23, which generally points to HD corruption of some sort.
Run DFA (disk first aid) on the drive and see what you get.


FYI: -23 = openErr - requested read/write permission doesn't match.
disectamac Jun 1, 2000 10:00 AM
He said he tried Disk First Aid!!! Read the first post!!! Are you blind!!!! just kidding Cipher
toonz007 Jun 1, 2000 10:16 AM
It is a type 23 error - not a -23 error.

I am also running a B&W G3/400, a pismo powerbook and a 9600/300 all with no grief like this!!!

- r
Cipher13 Jun 2, 2000 09:31 PM
Sorry, didn't see the bit about disk first aid - 18 hrs without sleep will do that :-)
In the case of a 23, I have absolutely no idea - tried all the standard troubleshooting stuff? PRAM etc? Prob won't help, but can't hurt to try.


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reader50 Jun 5, 2000 01:56 AM
Try this link for error code 23
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