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sek929 Jun 1, 2000 04:03 PM
Memory eating Finder
I have 8.6 on my iMac rev d.and i recently installed 128megs to replce the 64 i had in there before since i needed it for photoshop and other graphics programs. Well as i am typing to you now my System is taking up 74 megs, that is not nessecary, it ran when it only used 30 fine why does its partition get so damn big? I guess my real question is there any way to limit how much Finder uses or is it free to use as much as it pleases.

oscar Jun 1, 2000 05:33 PM
This has been beaten to a plulp.
Try turning VM on....

Please search the forums if your question is somewhat generic by nature, such as memory problems, and such..

-See Yea!

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