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AlphaDog May 30, 2000 04:26 PM
Apperance control panel
i always get a error type 2 when trying to access my apperance control panel. i reinstalled the control panel and still nothing worked. can someone help me? i have an epson 740i printer, a usb zip and floppy hooked up to my imac. they all worked fine together before. please email me back.
wlonh May 30, 2000 04:44 PM
post a question publicly, get an answer publicly... whenever possible, that is

inquisitive minds may want to know!

ok, try deleting your Mac OS Preferences file, Custom Desktop Patterns pref's file, Desktop Pictures Prefs file, and Finder pref's file and restarting
disectamac May 30, 2000 06:40 PM
Can someone fill me in on what defines a type 2 error.

What I would try:
Try allocating more memory to the Appearance Control Panel.
Try deleting some of the xtra patterns you may have put in under the desktop tab in the Appearance Control Panel. To many xtra patterns can slow down the speed at which the Appearance CP takes to start up and caused my comp to crash a couple of times in the past. Hope that helps
wlonh May 30, 2000 07:04 PM
hey no joke? i mean really, i believe you but i just have not had any trouble with the Appearance control panel... too many patterns will slow it up to a probable crash state...

i guess i am just too pedestrian in my desktop pattern needs

system error type 2: dsAddressErr   address error
but you knew that...
Apple's documentation at their 'official' error code page would seem to be badly in need of updating, the explanation babbles about the 68000 processor and how it handles data and can give an address error (Type 2) etc... shameful

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disectamac May 30, 2000 07:57 PM
No, I'm afraid I kid you not. At one time I was on a pattern collecting frenzy and it does indeed slow down the Appearance CP down a lot at. Now I just stick to desktop pics as the Appearance CP doesn't have to reference to each DTP as it starts up as it does the Patterns.
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