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LCW May 29, 2000 07:35 PM
acur & CURS animations
I'm using OS 8.6 with my iMac (Rev B). I've recently installed the 'acur' Editor into my ResEdit v2.1.3 application.

1) Upon looking "under the hood" at the 'CURS' resources of my Finder, System Resources, and System suitcase files, I noticed the Finder and System Resources 'CURS' resources do not contain the 1st animation (the 9 o'clock straight up drawing) in the Spinning Watch sequence. (This 1st animation is the ID #4 that's in the System suitcase 'CURS' resource.) The respective, Finder and System Resources 'CURS' resources do contain the balance of the 7 animations for the sequence (there's simply a vacant space for the missing 1st animation, which is identified as ID #4).

Can anyone advise whether the 9 o'clock ('CURS' ID #4) animation should be installed into the respective 'CURS' resources of the Finder & System Resources files for better activation of the Spinning Watch animation?

(I'd also like to confirm for certain whether these animation sequences work independently from the sequence that's in the System suitcase or whether they're redundant. The various sequences do have different sequencing ID numbers, but I don't know if that means the sequences are being called by the Finder or System are the same, regardless of the sequencing IDs.)

2) Additionally, can anyone elaborate on the issues involved in correlating color animations ('crsr' cursors) to their black & white ('CURS' & 'acur') counterparts?

I've edited a Color Cursor extension to include color ('crsr') versions of the Spinning Watch & Beachballs. Although the animations will work, the Finder becomes very unstable and will unexpectedly crash (lock up the system). When I delete the color animation elements from the extension's 'crsr' resource, stability returns to the Finder. [Note: I'm sure I've correctly setup the extension's 'INIT, crsr, & CURS' for the color sequencing. However, I'm uncertain about issues in setting the respective Attributes flags.]

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