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Dahl Bryn May 28, 2000 03:00 PM
How do you "Re-Bless" a System Folder on a dif. drive?
Would anyone by any chance know how to "re-bless" a System Folder on my Mac.

I'll explain. I've got a Mac 8600 / 300mhz with 2 drives (1internal 10GB that I boot
from and 1 external 30 GB Maxtor 7200rpm drive that I also boot from using a dif.
Mac OS version). I run some of my older music software on OS 8.1 on the internal
and then reboot using OS 9.04 for newer apps from the external Maxtor.

Problem was, I had a major crash/bug-out and my Mac will not allow me to boot
from the external drive any more. I've been doing this for a long time now by
changing the drive in the Startup Drive Control Panel. But now it seems to totally
ignore my drive selection and will only boot from the internal.

I've Zapped the PRAM. But to no avail... I would rather not re-install OS9 as I
have a lot of updated stuff in the system folder and would hate to have to re-do it all.

Any suggestions? I really need to fix this. Any help would be appreciated! Thanx.
iMan_ca May 29, 2000 03:38 AM
then.remove.the,system.file.from.the.system...the. system.folder.on.the.external,,the.deskt .macos.logo.on.the.system.folder., o.redo.its.bootblock.on.that.d rive.
wlonh May 29, 2000 07:58 AM
BRAVO, iMan_ca... for service above and beyond the call... man, what pain that keyboard must be...

the action he describes (pulling the System file, or the Finder as i believe i have read/done, out and placing it on desktop then putting it back in System Folder) is called 'resetting the boot blocks' and it should work
iMan_ca May 29, 2000 12:03 PM
Dahl Bryn May 29, 2000 08:15 PM

Well it worked.. thanks all
iMan_ca May 29, 2000 10:13 PM
wlonh,I need to talk to you about something in private, something you might be able to help out with. I am on IRC as "huzur" in
my personal channel is #macintosh
and i have a email and icq account, rather not give that out here but I can if I must.
Thanx man...
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