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ginop1 Jun 1, 2000 08:23 PM
Recovering trashed files
Today I had a friend come over with some zip disks each filled with photos. Some photos she wanted to keep, some she wished to trash. She trashed the files that she had to trash and took her zip disks home. Some of the photos that she trashed I would like to recover. I have both Norton tlities 6.0 and TechTools 2.5.3, however those two programs recover files if you have the source disk that contained the files that were trashed. Being that I do not have the source disk (which in this case would have been the zip disk), is there any way or any program that will let me recover those trashed photos? I have a Powermac G4 with Mac OS 9.

Thank you in Advance,

Gino J. Piazza
disectamac Jun 1, 2000 09:57 PM
"Nope. The fact that she dragged them to the trash on your computer does not mean that they
were _copied_ to your computer. In other words, they are not on your hard drive at all, in either
visible or invisible form.

sorry. I guess you'll have to ask for them."

Sound familiar?
Sorry dude but he's right....those pics are gonners......hope they weren't anything good.
reader50 Jun 5, 2000 05:44 AM
The only other way: The next time she comes over with her zips, offer to back them up. Back them up with Disk Copy as a disk image. Afterwards, mount the image. If she did not empty the trash, the files will appear in your trash. If she did empty the trash while the zips were mounted, you may still be able to undelete the pics with your utilities.

Naturally, this would be rather sneaky and perhaps unethical. Those pics had better be worth it.

Just what kind of pictures are we talking about anyway? For a reasonable monthly fee I could forget to tell the NSA about this ...
wlonh Jun 5, 2000 08:05 AM
here come the black helicopters again
disectamac Jun 5, 2000 10:53 AM
Hey, if you do manage to recover those pics make sure to email us the results, just so we can double check if you recovered them properly of course
JamesKass Jun 6, 2000 10:00 AM
Let's say for sake of argument that the file is on my iMac HD, and I accidentally trash it and empty the trash. Are there any freeware/shareware utilities out there to recover them?

James Kass (no, the other one...)
wlonh Jun 6, 2000 11:06 AM
Norton Util's Unerase

say what you will about Norton Util's, it has never ever failed me in any way nor ever given me any grief of any sort whatever! that 'other' utility suite has too many useless bells and whistles, imnsho, and i have an undying dislike of it. so there!
oscar Jun 9, 2000 04:45 AM
Originally posted by wlonh:
here come the black helicopters again
The INS?

-See Yea!
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