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solecist77 Jun 8, 2000 12:03 AM
Custom icons for my desktop
I now have two hard drives with a total of eight partitions. Since I'm a visual person, I would like to be able to distinguish them at a glace. I know it can be done, with folders also, I just can't find how to do it. How do I accomplish this?


Cipher13 Jun 8, 2000 12:07 AM
If you mean simply changing the icons, copy the the clipboard whatever it is you want as an icon, the higlight the file you want to change and hit Apple-I or go to File -> Get Info. Then hit tab twice or click the picture of the icon, and paste the custom icon.

solecist77 Jun 8, 2000 12:22 AM

thats easy enough to be overlooked. Now what kind of image will give me transparency like the images the system supplies.

Thanks again

Cipher13 Jun 8, 2000 04:48 AM
If you use the lasso tool then paste, only whatever was selected will be clickable, if you know what I mean (and if thats what you want) - eg. a pic of the letter 'V' will mean you cannot click inbetween the two vertical lines, but only on them etc.
The Finder will try to resize the image to 32*32 (at the widest and tallest points only) if its not that size, so in that case use the rectangular selection tool, though you won't get transparency with it.
If you mean actual transparency, then as far as I know, you can't do it. Nor do the System icons.

disectamac Jun 8, 2000 12:16 PM
actually Cypher, transparent icons are very much available. I have a couple of hundred of them.

Start your hunt here: also check out my fav icons <-----(not many but look good)
Cipher13 Jun 9, 2000 07:55 PM
Do you mean transparent like as in alpha channels?
If so then cool!

disectamac Jun 10, 2000 12:27 AM
alpha channels? (confused)

what I mean is folders and odd icons you can actually see through. When I have a Desktop pic set on the Finder and icons placed anywhere on the screen, you can actually see the Desktop pic behind the icons. I'll post a link here to a set of really good ones as soon as I remember where I got them from.
Partridge Jun 10, 2000 01:10 AM
Head over to
and try out several of the icon editors available there. Some will allow you to do transparancy effects easily.
Cipher13 Jun 10, 2000 04:42 AM
Thats heaps cool! Alpha channels are graphics things that allow for really cool effects - Audion is a good example of this, but the best is OS X.
Get what I mean? the shadows and transparency and all? I didn't think you could do that with the Finder...

disectamac Jun 10, 2000 12:03 PM
Ohhh ok, Alpha.

Alright I hope you guys are ready for some killer translucent icons. <------killer translucent icons available here

Make sure to check out "Liquid Buttons". within liquid buttons, "picture clipping" "sound clipping" and a couple of other are all transparent.

While you're there pick up the "Liquid Folders" set. Pretty much all of these are translucent and look awesome with a Pic in the background.

iPacks for iControl are also available, some restrictions may apply, void where prohibited, this offer is only good until august 1st 2002. Offer is not valid to KY, AL, and LA residents. Sales tax does not apply as it is an online transaction but if your local gov. hunts you down for it later, we will participate in hunting you down also.

Please use with caution, "Liquid Buttons" are only meant to appear liquid and are really not. Trying to use these icons other for intended purposes may cause serious health injuries. DO NOT try to wash or scrub your monitor with Liquid Buttons by dragging the icons around the screen with the pointer and mouse. Doing so may cause wrist sprains, anxiety, drowsiness, or FATAL INJURY. We hold no responsibility if you are injured doing so.

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