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stevieleaky Jun 4, 2000 08:23 PM
creating keyboard shortcut???
I was wondering if it were possible to create keyboard shortcuts for applications(so I could choose certain key(s) to open them in mac os 8.6. and also how to do it or if anyone knows of any online tutorials on how to do this if it were possible. that would be really convenient. thanks
Partridge Jun 5, 2000 12:21 AM
Launch Key by Trivectus will do that
There are also several other utilities that do similar things.
Patrick Jun 7, 2000 03:40 PM
There's a control panel that can do this for you. It's called FunKeys - you can assign application launches or whatever to the Fkeys on your keyboard. Forget where to download it, but something like or would probably have it.
Simon Kornblith Jun 7, 2000 05:21 PM
What kind of computer do you have? Some versions of 8.6 which came with certain computers allowed you to map function keys (F1, F2, F3...) to applications.

Simon Kornblith
Computer Consultant
Gregg Jun 9, 2000 03:57 PM
Does OS 9 have the F key assignment feature?

There's another control panel, I think it's called QuickPop, that lets you assign F keys or key combinations to open applications, files, folders, control panels, change color / black & white, and adjust sound volume. I don't think it works in OS 9, as it hasn't been updated in awhile.

reader50 Jun 9, 2000 04:07 PM
If you are using OS 9, the Keyboard control panel will let you assign function keys to launch applications.
Gromit Jun 10, 2000 01:27 PM
The keyboard control panel only has F Key mapping if you have a new Mac that comes with built in USB.
stevieleaky Jun 11, 2000 08:59 PM
I installed the quick keys 4.0 application and am quite happy with it. Thanks all for your input.
mkuehn Jun 14, 2000 12:58 PM
Someone developed a patch that would enable Fkey mappings via the Keyboard control panel if your system software/machine combination didn't already allow it. I downloaded it and it worked, but I must have throw it away, and now I can't find it again. Anyone have any idea where I can get it?
Anilam Jun 17, 2000 10:28 PM
Here is the link to the Function Key patch.

Simon Kornblith Jun 18, 2000 10:32 AM
Another way to map the keys using the keyboard control panel is to use Wish I Were to make your computer think it has USB.

Simon Kornblith
Computer Consultant
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