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eklee Jan 12, 2000 05:14 AM
has anyone ever used this keyboard combo? just did it by accident and it turned off my monitor, and the turned it back on (BW G3 with 17" Studio Display running OS9)... seemed similar to Degaussing, but I'm just guessing

Anyone know for sure what that combo does? or other ones like that?

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gMan Jan 12, 2000 05:20 AM
Hey, you're right. It seems to put the system to sleep. Jan 15, 2000 04:41 PM
If you use the Key combo in IE 4.5, an "Open Local File" Window pops up.
eklee Jan 15, 2000 05:05 PM
...that's a zero, not an "o"
gene Jan 15, 2000 09:11 PM
It put my iBook to sleep. I wonder if it is the same as "option+apple+power" used to be on beige G3s and others...?
Misha Jan 15, 2000 09:21 PM
It put my iMac DV to sleep and then woke it right back up. Hmm...
Derek Schrock Jan 17, 2000 04:13 AM
cmd-opt-power does the same
jtvoorhies Jan 22, 2000 06:56 PM
I tried it on My iMac DV SE and it froze up- I had to reboot
kkneisley Apr 13, 2000 11:07 PM
It's still alive! i just accidentally found this key combo on my G4/500 running 9.0.4 and scared the hell out of myself! The worst part is that after it woke up, it froze up! After restart my SCSI/LVD drives were MIA. I had to load the driver like the old days when II meant power.

If one's hand isn't thinking 100%, you can bet that there is a freeze/crash in your future on a new machine!

Does anyone know why/where this came from?

Anybody know of a disable or hack?
eklee Apr 14, 2000 12:17 AM
I checked Apple's TIL and someone asked about this "sleep shortcut" because it keeps freezing their machine, too. A reply suggested disabling the energy control panel, but it didn't seem to work for that person.

My BWG3/350 doesn't freeze up, though; it works fine afterwards, so maybe there's an extension conflict? Or something with the G4?
kkneisley Apr 15, 2000 12:09 AM
As far as the G4 freezing, this has been a problem for a while. Just look over in the G4 forum.

The boy just ain't right!

I usually let it fall asleep on it's own (screen darkens, and HD spin down), but I never manually induce deep sleep. Besides, my initio cards aren't deep sleep savvy. No biggie.

Since I "found" this shortcut, I'll be damned if my hand doesn't hit it now! GRRRR!

Anyone else?
bobsie Apr 20, 2000 01:25 AM
On my blue G3, Command-shift O (oh) opens a window. Looks like it's the last window that had been opened previously. It doesn't turn anything off.

Command - shift - 0 (zero), which someone suggested, doesn't do anything.

-- bobsie
ried Apr 20, 2000 02:51 PM
Command - shift - zero puts my Pismo 500 to sleep.
TheAdmiral Apr 20, 2000 04:32 PM
I have a PowerBook 3400 running OS 8.6 and cmd-shift-0 put it to sleep... and it wouldn't wake up! I had to hit the reset button in the back...

-The Admiral
eklee Apr 20, 2000 05:47 PM
TheAdmiral, did you try hitting cmd-shift-0 again to wake up? That's what worked for me.
BoJangles Apr 22, 2000 09:39 AM
I tried it on my beige G3 with Mac OS 9.0.4 and it just beeps at me. option-Apple-reset puts him to sleep, though.
someone Apr 22, 2000 07:23 PM
Command-shift-0 (zero) puts my G4 to sleep. I'm wondering if it's just a little hardware easter egg that Apple programmers stuck in some of there Macs for some good laughs.
kkneisley Apr 24, 2000 09:00 PM
Originally posted by bobsie:
On my blue G3 ... Command - shift - 0 (zero), which someone suggested, doesn't do anything.

-- bobsie
For reference, what OS are you running?
eklee Apr 25, 2000 01:05 AM
when I first posted, I was running 8.6. Then 9.0 and now 9.04. The "sleep" effect was unaffected by the OS upgrades
slboett Apr 25, 2000 11:27 AM
This combination works great on my iMac DVSE and G4/450 - both on 9.04.

bobsie Apr 26, 2000 01:42 AM

I'm using sys 8.6 on my blue G3.

-- bobsie
chuckles Apr 27, 2000 01:29 AM
Wow, anohter illustration of sleeping from a connected state freezing Mac's.

I have an IMac DVSE 256 ram, v9.0.4

cmd+shift+0 (zero)

put my machine to sleep and it wakes up with the same key commands only to freeze if it has to close an online connection before sleeping. When trying to go online again it froze. This sounds like an old issue that has not gone away. I will try it without an internet connection and see if I can keep the machine up.

I imagine that sleeping might close something integral to communication and does not revive it when sleep ends. Then trying Open Transport crashes the system.

I'll keep experimenting
I-Mac should be changed to I-troubleshoot regularly...
ATP Tour Fan Apr 27, 2000 09:56 AM
I use command-shift-zero to put my PowerBook firewire to sleep sometimes. If I don't want to use the trackpad or have to wait for the shut down dialogue box to come up only to hit S again, I'll use this combo.

A very similar combo is command-control-shift-zero that spins down your hard disk!

I love that one. I love any useful keyboard shortcut.
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