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Gregory Sep 17, 1999 12:46 PM
Persistent RAM disk
With "Save on Shutdown" for RAM disk, even erasing and unselecting the option and deleting the file in Preferences folder, system continues to save on shutdown and turn option on.

Only way out was to turn RAM disk off, reboot and this time turn on w/o the option (which was greyed out and turned on by default - though I am sure that before it was off by default).

Is that option set with MacOS Preferences file, with the RAM disk (even after an erase etc it continued to stay in effect) or an invisible file? Won't let user change their mind and disable w/o removing the ram disk.

Is this a "safety" feature? If so, turning off "Save on Shutdown" ought to put up "Are you sure?" alert when changed. - Greg
wlonh Sep 21, 1999 03:13 PM
I know lots of folks who use RAM disk who have turned off the 'save' and that's that... so I am not sure of a fix but since no one else has weighed in on this, I will...

I suggest that you delete a mess of pref's files:
MacOS Preferences
System Preferences
Finder Preferences
Memory Preferences

it will do no harm (in my experience) to use this shotgun approach of deleting all of the abovementioned files at once but you may delete any or all of them one at a time

You know the drill, right? Drag the pref's file(s) to the trash and then restart your Mac and reset the pref's that you just deleted...

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Gregory Sep 21, 1999 03:28 PM

Thanks for those suggestions. I abandoned trying to use RAM Disk for now. Even after deleting all the prefs and even the System, System Resource, ROM file. Maybe there is a bug in the Blue G3/8.6. A message on Apple's Tech Exchange OS section has gone unanswered :-(

I tried it because others feel that a RAM-based cache is faster. On my system I don't and also on a souped up 7100. Also, someone was having a problem and I was trying to reproduce it on my system -- only to find a new problem it seems!

Mac OS 9 has improved Memory management and (finally?) 100% PPC-code. As well as demand paging for VM for once.

- Greg
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